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About the author

Hi. I'm Todd and I'm a hobby collector. Or so my wife put it a couple years ago when I was taking up beekeeping; "Your hobby is collecting hobbies.". She had me dead to rights. The story of The Fox Imperial has a lot to do with this.

If you care to learn more about me, I have profiles in some of the usual places:

About this website

Currently the website is acting as a hub tieing together related content that I'm developing in other far-flung places:

Eventually, I'll add a Library section with more static collections of links and other info. It'll add the structure of the dewey decimal system to my otherwise scattered mind.

About The Fox Imperial

The Origins

I'm still not entirely sure what the Fox Imperial is. The name, The Fox Imperial, came to me while I was brainstorming about opening a brew pub. Similarly, a rough sketch of the fox logo was hatched-- I think it would look cool as a carved sigil on a proper wooden pub sign. That pub would be "The Fox Imperial Pub & Grub".

That idea morphed into the idea of opening a meadery. The important problem for both of those ideas is that they take lots of capital to get started. They also take a level of expertise in production brewing that I don't have. That's not to mention the experience and expertise required to run a restaurant that doesn't fold in the first year. So moving on.

The more I toyed with theses ideas the more I started to like the idea of developing The Fox Imperial as a brand. Not to sell anything per se, but to develop an identity while gaining and sharing expertise.

The Rabbit Hole

So I starting brushing off some dusty old web development skills and realized I hadn't caught up with what's new and cool with html 5, css 3, and modern techniques like responsive design. I chased these over to Team Treehouse to refresh some web basics. Some of the material was review, but some of it was new to me and covered concepts and tips I'd never quite picked up during previous forays into playing web designer.

Then I started chasing the rabbit down another path - photography and videography . I'm not yet to the video part, but I've been having a blast with the photo part. Eventually, I hope to make some videos about the photo stuff - insert head explosion here.

The Concept

As it stands right now, the guiding concept for The Fox Imperial is to keep chasing rabbits. I really enjoy learning, and chasing rabbits is how I enjoy it the most. If I learn out loud via this website and its associated blogs, portfolios, and social hooks then maybe I make the world a better place. More likely I just enjoy the ride and see if anybody else cares. That and many other things remains to be seen.